Unprecedented Festivity: Successful introduction of XCMG D series excavator in the Philippines

In order to further expand XCMG's market share in the Philippines, on December 12, in Manila, the capital of Philippines, XCMG joined force with its Philippine dealers and successfully hosted the first promotional event to introduce XCMG's D series excavator with the theme of “Glorious eight years and splendid 2019”. More than 200 friends and guests from the Philippines and representatives of Chinese enterprises participated in the event.

The atmosphere at the promotional event was lively and high spirited, full of interaction. XCMG's XE215D excavator, the “King of all trades” made a sensational appearance, sparking a moment of frenzy instantly at the event. The product boasts “efficient, precise and energy effective” performance and fine craftsmanship demonstrating XCMG's philosophy for pursuing “Advanced Technology, Long Duration and Becoming Crafts.” The event attracted attention from many XCMG's Philippine customers and more than 100 units were ordered at the event itself.

The Philippines is one of the important markets for XCMG's overseas market expansion and its market demand has been strong, especially after the country launched its “Build, Build, Build” project in 2017. The market demand for excavators has grown explosively and the growth rate has exceeded 20% two years in a row. The Philippines has become a major target for market expansion plans of global big names and the industry competition is becoming fiercer and fiercer.

A hundred pieces of equipment of XCMG participate in the oil refinery project of the Philippines.

Nearly 30 pieces of hoisting equipment of XCMG participate in a construction project of the Philippines.

As one of the first Chinese construction machinery companies that entered the Philippine market, XCMG is playing an important role in the joint mining of energy and mineral resources in the Philippines and major construction projects including ports, docklands, railways, highways, industrial parks and infrastructure. After two decade's exploration and development, currently the Philippines is an important overseas target market for MCMG and the export proportion of XCMG products to the Philippines exceeds 50%. XCMG products are the first choices for Philippine construction machinery customers.

Twelve XCMG tough-terrain cranes participate in a housing construction project in the Philippines.

XCMG HB48K+mixer -- a housing construction project in Cebu, the Philippines.

Ma Zhongyi, Director of XCMG Import& Export Co., Ltd. Asia-Pacific, gives a speech.

In recent years, China and the Philippines are strengthening their relationship as friendly neighboring countries. The “Belt and Road” initiative has provided unprecedented opportunities for the Philippines and also a broad platform for many Chinese-owned enterprises to go to the Philippines for faster growth together with local enterprises. XCMG actively seeks participation in the national strategies of both China and the Philippines and lend a helping hand to the local development so that development by China and products made by China will benefit the people of the Philippines in unison and the peoples of China and the Philippines will work together hand in hand, with sincerity, to build a better future together.

Jin Yuan (second from right), Economic Counselor of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China in the Philippines has a photo taken together with the XCMG team. 

Jin Yuan, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Philippines highly praised XCMG's exploration and development in the Philippine market for more than two decades and urged the XCMG team to dedicate more effort to the development of both countries on a platform of Sino-Philippine friendship.

Photo taken together with other representatives